Thought the morning was crappy? It aint nothing. I got called into my boss’s office around 4:30 for a littile “We aint got no money” meeting. fun stuff. i basically got laid off. Right now I have a few weeks of full time then we are going to part time until the cash runs out. I just burned all my vacaion (and a decent amount of savings) on my trip, so I only got a few more days of that left. Well I called my pimp (aka Kelly Daddy, who got me the job) to see if he can send any work this-a-way. I feel like that “good for nothing” son-in-law that needs the hand outs from Daddy in order to support his daughter.

Well, I guess things could be worse. Oh wait, I am late for wushu (which is paid for this month) and a telemarketer just called — so it is a little worse. Did I mention that I got an email from Cirque? it suks too — it said they were postponing the audition for NYC for an indefinate amount of time. I really hope I get the chance to acutally audition. If I get the cirque gig all this headache will be forgotten in the blink of an eye. Poof all better….I can dream.