Well today hasn’t been all that fun. I spent most of the morning updating my resume. It is a good solid page and a half, I don’t’ know how I can trim it down to one page and keep the necessary information on it. There are some topics that I feel are really important on their own, but can be combined into one or two sentences. I hate that, I feel like I am underselling my self by being too brief. I sent it to Kelly to get some corrections done, but she was pretty busy at work and couldn’t pour the time it needed into it. I will get my father-in-law to look at it, he is really good at that stuff ‘ but I am annoyed that I HAVE to go to him for help with stuff that I really should be able to do my self.

At least I had Wushu and Gymnastics to keep me occupied for a while last night. I was pretty grumpy at wushu. One of the younger kids, Donavan, was playing around and kept tagging me and telling me I was ‘it’, and I wound up snapping at him. Then I wanted to explain why I was being bitchy, but didn’t want to get stuck talking about this situation with everyone there.

I convinced quite a few people to come along to gymnastics. We had Emily, Sarah, Vivi, and myself coming straight from Wushu to go flip. It was fun, we worked on Arial Twists and Tornado splits and B-Twists. Bryan has a sweet Arial Twist ‘ which is strange because he doesn’t have an Arial. I also worked on my roundoff-backhandspring-backtuck for a while, I even did one where my hands didn’t touch on the back handspring and I still went for the back tuck. I guess that makes it a round off whip-back back tuck. Which sounds cooler, but was scary at the time. Carlos spotted me for the first one, and then when he wasn’t watching I did another. He came back and asked if I was ready for another ’ which I got to respond with ‘I already did one’. I was so happy, normally I would be begging him for more help, but now I was doing it just fine on my own.

We went to the Afghan restaurant for lunch, spent some time talking about the current state of the company. You would think with an impending lay-off I would not go out to eat. Well there wasn’t much at home for making food, so ate breakfast and brought in half a protein bar. I figured that would last me till 4 or 5. By 10:30 I already ate the power bar. At least for my $6 at the Afghan Buffet I over ate and stuffed my self with rice and chicken and other good tasting good for you foods.

Time to browse the want ads. Or maybe look up information on teaching English in China.