Brandon has shown up, he came up this weekend with some girl and is going to be hanging around for the next few days. I think he may want to take her around and do the D.C. thing, so Kelly and I may tag along for that. I didn’t get in until pretty late, I had time to go to wushu and gymnastics and still get home before he showed up (or Kelly came back form hanging out with Jeannie).

Wushu was good last night, the first time I had done staff in over a month. My staff form was a little sorry ‘ and for some reason I was elected to go first for each section. Which really sucked ’ if I could have seen the section at least once before I went I would have been in good shape. But I was trying to remember where the section started, where it ended and what to do. After the first run through I was in decent shape, but not where I want to be. I think my staff form could be much better. Watching the good people do it really inspired me to add more Blamo and Pow to my form. I am fairly sure it won’t take too long to take it up a few notches.

Gymnastics was cool, very short. I just tumbled for 15 or 20 minutes and then went to go practice climbing the rope. I was a wuss and used my feet on the way down. Then on the second try I used my feet about halfway up (not to push, but to allow my self to rest) ‘ one good thing about the audition getting pushed back is more time to train. At this rate I should have a layout out of by back handspring (I sorta have one now with just the round off). Now if I can only keep my feet together. And get my arms up. And travel forward more on my hurdle.

I have to think way too much when I tumble, I need to do it 100 times to get comfortable with it.

I otta go call Brandon and get him to come out early for lunch so I can make it back to an after noon meeting. Unfortunately the meeting is about the ramifications of going part time. Stupid work not giving me work.