This weekend was pretty interesting. Brandon brought up this girl Jen, who had never been to D.C. before. So, we decide we will take her in to town and do the Smithsonian and all that ‘ plus Nikki had come up and we could drag her along to that. Well it turns out that there was a Protest against the war with Iraq. The metro was packed and took a crazy long time to get us in to town (single tracking on the orange line). Once we were there we wandered aimlessly and made fun of a few of the protest signs. I especially like the big sign that said ‘SUV WAR.’ We wandered down to Jefferson and then back by the Holocaust Museum. We did go through security at the Holocaust but didn’t make it inside to actually see anything. So we grabbed some lunch and Kelly, Nikki and I took off leaving Brandon and Jen to find their own way back.

Kelly and I headed to Beej and Katie’s wedding ‘ Which was a crazy fun blast from the past. We got to see JC (and Ronnie) and Krouse. Fun little reunion of a few of the freshman hall gang. Surprisingly, the open bar led to Krouse getting a little plastered and JC had to take him home. I too enjoyed the open bar, but I had Kelly to watch after me.

Sunday was not as exciting, Church then met up with Brandon, Jen and Jeff Labreque (of VTTKD fame) for lunch. I took off early to make it to Chinese class. But there was no Chinese class. There was Chinese school, but I went to the room where my class is ‘ it was full of little kids, which is not normal. Eventually the Principal found me and she asked around ’ yep, my teacher and classmates were not there. So drove down the street and got a cup of coffee then drove by Peter’s place to see if he was maybe walking out at that same time and the sight of me driving up would have suddenly made him want to hang out with me and we would be all happy and cool. But instead I watched the SCA battle in homemade armor. Went back and taught me some wushu. The kids were pretty good. The two oldest girls are kinda getting a little too comfortable and will goof off too much, so I am prolly going to have to smack them back into place with some horse stance practice next time they act up ‘ they were the best behaved kids, but I gave them a little too much freedom and they are abusing it now. But that can be fixed! Oh, I have to remember to ask Sean to see if he can cover me next week because I may not make it in time for the beginning of class. My flight back form Texas gets in at 3, and class starts at 4 so it is gonna be tight.

I need to make a portfolio ‘ but have little motivation to do so. I mean, I want a nice job in Graphics Design, but I will prolly get a programming job much easier and with higher pay’but design is more fun’so I should make that portfolio.