Normally I take Monday nights off from wushu, I use it as time to hang out with the wife and enjoy her company. Plus we normally make some dinner and watch ‘The Fire Within’ on Bravo. But, because I am headed out of the state at the end of the week then I will go ahead and get my classes while I can. I will not be able to make class on Thursday Friday or Saturday. And hopefully I will make it back in time for my Chinese school class (you know, that I teach and all). Actually I called Sean and asked him to cover for me. I really feel bad about that ‘ I asked him to cover for me while I was in China and he made it clear that he was not comfortable doing that. So I just canceled class for 2 weeks and had Kelly cover the last class. I feel like I pressured him into covering my ass, and that I really should consider bugging some other people to help me out on this. But I am torn by whom I should ask and Sean presents the wonderful state of being unassociated with any of the local political wushu factions. I’ll simply have to make it up to him.

The work situation seems better than last time I was laid off, first of all I didn’t get cut right away ‘ they are giving me warning about this ’ and they insist that there is a chance that I could get some more work here. I am not too hopeful about that, and it seems that a lot of my good leads to other companies would be through people here that could pass my resume on. Which is good to have, but the people here don’t’ want to help me out until they know that I will not have funding here for sure. So they make me wait.

It really sucks that Cirque said they don’t know when my audition is going to be, it would have been good timing if I could have auditioned in a few weeks and been able to hear something back relatively soon after that. I know Cirque has this wonderful way of doing what ever they want (they do have all the power here), but if I could plan one way or the other it would make my life much simpler. I do know they wanted to start training for the show this spring, but spring is upon us so I am getting a little worried about it. At least I know Morgan auditioned in December, and passed, but is being called back for the April one too. It makes me feel better that he showed up early and they still want him to come back, you know, like I didn’t miss my chance at my dream job. I have never known a time when I saw a clear path to exactly what I want to do ‘ what ever life style changes it requires are worth it for that gig. (Thank God for Kelly and her support of that)

Well work wants me to do work; even though they said they are going to stop asking soon. Kind of kills my motivation, but I will at least go through the motions for a while.