I found out last night that the Discovery Channel is going to be coming to O-Mei to do some filming of wushu and get interviews from the coach and some athletes. Apparently it is a special that has to do with the possibility of wushu becoming and Olympic sport. How cool is that ‘ I always loved those specials on Martial Arts ’ and now they are coming to my school. Oh, did I mention that I am going to this Friday, so Kelly can finish up her dental work ‘ yeah the discovery channel is coming this Friday. Poopie! Stupid timing.

Well, I will just have to wait until I have my own school and the discovery channel wants to film at it. Yeah, that’ll be much cooler. (I know, I am a media ho)

Wushu and Gymnastics had an off feeling last night. Wushu was just a really small class, and I was struggling with sword. Stuff that I had mastered only a few weeks ago I was bumbling like crazy tonight. I have this strange love hate relationship with my new sword. I really don’t like it ‘ except when it is making nice loud sounds, which it does all the time. I can get it to snap on anything and every thing ’ so easy. But it’s balance is all off making it awkward on the flowers and figure eights. But the worst part of it is the hand guard ‘ the part a the top of the hilt where the blade comes out is shaped sorta like a ‘Y’ and on my guiding jian it is more like a ’T’. This sucks because it will grab my index finger ‘ which slides down right next to the blade. This causes figure eights and the like to be dangerous to my finger’s well being. I either need to fill in the gaps to make my Y into a T (and add weight to the pommel to balance it) or swap the entire hilt with from a guiding sword. Perhaps I will use my old lion head one (which I don’t really like, but is better than what I got) or borrow Kelly’s hilt from the Guiding sword I gave her until after team trials. At which point I can switch back to my sword and be happy. Happy and quite. Because I can’t make that blade snap for anything.

Gymnastics was pretty good. I wasn’t punching out of my back handsprings very well. I still land with my feet apart and knees bent. But I will get it. Kyle actually showed up on time, but he left early. Bryan tried to break cinder blocks with his index finger (and broke 1 of the 3 with it) so his hand was all swollen up and he wasn’t in the mood for flipping. Carlos did point out that back tucks and aerials didn’t require hands, but that didn’t persuade him.

I wound up leaving early so I could go talk to Kelly before she went to bed. I wound up getting home ‘round 10:20 or so and called her hotel ’ she was still doing work. Her and her work. I can’t complain though ‘ she can keep a job for more than a year.