My elbows hurt last night at wushu something nasty. Don’t have a clue why. I know I tweaked my shoulder during warms ups and it was a little throbbie during class, and I got that hip thing going on still, but my elbows. Like on the inside, just above that boney knob where you triceps inserts. I couldn’t tell if it was muscle or joint or tendon or what. Weird strong dull pain. It went away after about an hour or two of resting after class, but was very strong by the end of class.

I am still annoyed that the Discovery channel is coming on a day I cannot be there.

We did get to have dinner with Jeannie and her Brother and even Sean. It was pretty nice, even though I went AWOL for about 2 hours in the middle there. When I got home they were watching Hero and we discovered how to get the English subtitles on. Happy day! English subbed hero! Jet Li uber fun! (or should I say fei-chang fei-chang fun?). Now I got to go rewatch it. I still haven’t seen it all the way through.

After dinner (and after showing pictures from our trips) I talked Jeannie and Danny into staying for a quick game of ‘Big Idea’ ‘ a Cheapass game. Pretty fun stuff. You get to invent products and play the stock market to try to sell them. My Addictive Pants were a hit. Despite high investor interest Mexi-Cat failed. I still haven’t played a game of Go in months, and I am inching to do so ’ but a cheapass game is about the next best thing. I am trying to stay away from the PS2 ‘ but that GTA:VC is so much fun. Bad, Evil, and Not Very Nice — but fun.

Headed to Texas this afternoon, I get back at 3pm on Sunday. I teach wushu at 4. This is going to be tight. (BTW, Thanks Sean)