Got back from Texas yesterday. Our plane was on time, so we landed right about 3 ‘ and I actually made it home to change clothes and unload our bags then run off to my 5 o’clock wushu class at Chinese school. The kids were pretty good, the only problem is the oldest girl is getting a little over confident of her self in that class ’ she things she has the run of the place and that the rules don’t apply to her. sigh I guess I am gonna just have to smack her back into place. I did send her off to do horse stance yesterday, but that didn’t seem to change much. I don’t really get mad at them, but I think I may need to make them think I have gotten mad to provoke the response I want. I guess I am still verdant enough that I think they will figure this wushu thing out and behave on their own. I’d be nice if I could actually get some older kids, but if we were gonna do that we would need a second class ‘ It’s not fair to cram them in with 7-8 year old kids that cannot line up with out being yelled at.

Texas we fun, my Nana was looking very good despite all the crazy surgery she has partaken of since I have seen her. Which has been over 3 years, before I got married. We hung out with my half of the family Saturday afternoon and stayed with them Saturday night. Kelly’s half was Thursday night/Friday. It really wasn’t bad going around and seeing all her family, I have at least met them all in the past, which makes this much nicer. Both of Kelly’s grandparents seem to be doing well.

After wushu class sean came over and we went to Lost Dog. Great place. It’s a little sandwich and pizza type place, crazy paintings of dogs on the walls and an eclectic menu of oddly named sandwiches. I got my usual Irish Gyro ‘ feta, lettuce, and beef on a pita. Mmmm.

Job search update: I got two calls on my answering machine when we got back on Sunday ‘ one from lock-mart and the other from Spherion. I will let you know if I get an interview after a call them this morning.