Checked up on those companies — Spherion Corporation is just a headhunter. So I hadn’t called them yet. I do plan on putting a call into them today, as well as Wallach ‘ so I will be full out headhunted. Oh, the good news is I got an interview with Lockheed ’ up until now I have never been turned down once I get the interview knocks on wood, so this could be a good thing. We will see how this whole thing fits into the long term plan ‘ things are getting tricky these days.

It seems that my current company is sliding down the hill and a number of people are gonna be leaving here weather they want to or not. Even my boss is saying he is going to go get headhunted.

It’s funny how this about-to-have-no-job state of being changes my view of life and career. When I enter into this situation everything shifts into immediate urgent mode, and I have to go and find a quick fix on a way to secure income. Of course I would like to step back and figure out how to improve my life and review my career path so that I am headed in a direction that I want, but that is not priority. Of course anyone that knows me knows my current career plan involves at least another 5 years of supporting my wushu habits and saving money. But all of that is subject to change, the last thing I want to do is commit my self to a certain plan. Situations shift around, if I happen upon a new job that for some reason I love (despite sitting in a cube under florescent lights) ‘ it might just happen to be the perfect way to commence the baby producing state of marriage.

Or maybe it is time for us to move to China and learn proper Chinese/Wushu there. At least that would make a great story. Of course that is not the situation that I am interested in having a family. A wife yes, but no xiao hai zi.

Yesterday I washed and waxed the jeep, looks nice now. However I did find a nasty scrape on the bottom of the passenger side door where someone decided to open their door into the jeep. Teddy is up-to-date on just about everything — oil, maintenance ‘ only thing that is about ready to happen is the inspection in 2 months.

I skipped wushu to hang out with Kelly and get the jeep nice and clean. I haven’t been since Wednesday ‘ I wanted to rest for w while because of how bad my elbows and hip were hurting. Of course I have not tested my limbs to see if they are better or if they are simply not hurting because I have refrained from exerting them. We will see tonight. Sword class, that’s how I hurt my hip to begin with.