Sounds like I have a pretty sure fire thing at DCS. So I could stay with my current job. HOWEVER, it would be in PAX River. Pax is prolly a good 30 minutes south of Waldorf. Waldorf is a good hour from where we live with moderate traffic. On the plus side I would be going against traffic the entire way — or Kelly and I could even live out there and buy a house with my salary alone. But then the wushu thing comes into play — that is my serious long-term goal. I could drive out to Fairfax 3 times a week, but that is far from the idea. And I have the ideal wushu situation right now — I can leave 10 minutes before class starts and still have time to warm up a little. There are a few big +’s to Pax and the ‘dorf — the only down sides are Wushu, Kelly’s Job (which she wouldn’t really need), if I get the Cirque gig, and Wushu.

I do have my interviews with Lockheed and Booz, so I really don’t have any clue on those positions. Next week I will have a better feel for them.

Skipped wushu last night, it was a long crappy day — and to celebrate my official lay-off notification we went to the mall and bought two dress shirts at JC Penny’s for real cheap and picked up some fake pearls for Elizabeth’s wedding. I’ll go to wushu AND gymnastics tonight and that should help me feel better.

Off to watch more Odd Todd