I have an interview with Pearl Software here in about 30 minutes. Just a phone interview, but it still counts as an interview. Pretty interesting, it looks like a small company. I don’t know how many people they have, but the fact that I have exchanged emails with the CEO and founder and my interview is with the CTO and other founder makes me think it is not a lumbering large corporation. Looks like it would be a good gig — they do Internet content filtering and monitoring and I would have to interact with law enforcement…plus they have this foundation that is on the mission of educating parents about protecting their kids online. Beats the hell out of 24/7 (they owned IMAKE) — they would spam people for money. The big issue is not doing the work or the size of the company — it looks like I would be taking a 10 grand pay cut for this position. No fun at all. I will see if it is negotiable or there will be ample opportunity for advancement. Other than pay this place looks nice.

Skipped wushu because my elbow was killing me. ‘How did I hurt it?’, you may ask — well a combination of Corporal Tunnel Syndrome and climbing a rope with my legs out straight in front of me. I tried to ice my arm and my hand got all cold and numb. I think it has to do with the angle your hand grips the rope and the stresses that puts on the nerve. This opinion is a direct result from when I had ouchie elbow pain when turning on my blinker on the drive home yesterday. You will notice when you put your blinker on you hand is in close to the same position that it is when you climb a rope. Needless to say I didn’t climb a rope at gymnastics last night. But I did go to gymnastics — and I successfully tumbled and it didn’t cause any pain. I think wushu would have hurt — staff class and all. Lots of elbow stress and funny hand-gripping positions.