Debunked poopie smell

Yesterday was a much better day than the day before. I talked to Kim and it looks like I am full time at least until the end of the month. We have also gotten some positive feed back from a few people. Nothing solid like an interview, but this job hunt is looking better than the last time through. Maybe having a few weeks of full time work helps. Who knows, maybe I can simply stay here and we can find work for me at DCS.

Wushu was pretty good last night, we never got to forms — just did a bunch of basics. We worked on butterflies for a long time. It may be an ego thing, but I honestly feel like I have a really good butterfly. A lot of my wushu really sucks, but even in Beijing I was (from my perception of the situation) right in there with the best as far as butterflies go. Start adding twists and the entire story changes, however, coach sort of seemed like she was trying to come up with stuff that I needed to change simply because everyone had to work on butterflies at the time. I could be totally off base and really need to fix a few things. I know my arms prolly need to be situated better mid-butterfly, but she wanted our legs way high. Perhaps it is really just a way of overemphasizing in order to get people to be at least level and get that arch look that everyone loves.

I bought a staff last night, coach wanted to know why I didn’t buy one in china. I tried to explain that I thought I had. In fact I bought 3. and planned on using at least 1 of those for a spear — but they are all way to thick and long. I know I can cut it to make it shorter, and shave it down to make it thinner — I just like that waxwood finish. A little knobby, a little irregular, and that bark to keep it from drying out too fast. I also picked up some of that Red Hair stuff for the end of my spear — even went to home depot to try and find some metal balls for inside the spear with no luck. I will go to Sports Authority today and see if they have slingshot shot.

For some reason I have been thinking about the history of wushu these past few days. Then someone mentions the raffi’s message board about how Taiji came from the Wudan mountain. That comment was quickly followed up by a message saying that the Wudan mountain thing was debunked by Chinese historians. I know how off base the Shaolin Temple thing is, Jet Li himself debunked that, but so many people buy into that story. I mean it is the same thing with Tae Kwon Do (or Tang Soo Do or what have you), they have these big romantic histories that really aren’t based on anything. Maybe some old paintings of people practicing martial arts, but there are no solid ties between that stuff an dthe modern day Korean arts. There are, however, very solid ties between Karate and the Japanese occupation to the modern day Korean martial arts. In fact if you look at it the arts are basically the same, they have just been split for 50 years and most of the differences are simply due to evolving along separate paths. I remember when Gerald and I were researching this TKD history thing, we found out all sorts of strange things — stuff that many well intentioned TKD instructors would deny — but from a historical point of view were very true.

I know contemporary wushu vase pretty much invented by communist government mandate, but that does not deter me. Just because the communists are to blame does not make it evil. I know they gathered a large number of ‘masters’ and forced them to modernize and standardize the martial arts into this acrobatic gyration I call Wushu. What I don’t know is what masters were gathered and where they came from. I wonder if this information is easily obtainable. I guess I can go ask Google and see. But I am guessing if it is obtainable it is only available in paper and ink form, and that form probably consists of Chinese and not English.

More research is needed, fo sho.

Someone just walked by my cube, and spread a very strong poopie smell. Ugh.