Boss man, BRB

Finally, I was able to easily pull off a round off-back hand spring-back tuck with no spotter at all. And it was better than last week — much cleaner. Or at least it felt much cleaner.

Boss man, BRB.

Yep. It has happened. I am officially let go. I am full-time through the 31st and will be part-time through the 15th. Getting laid off sucks, I think it is worse because I knew it was coming. Gonna be spending a lot of time down on the CD-R computer saving all my files.

On the plus side one of my co-workers (okay, former co-worker), mark, has an in for me getting into the Circus. Kick Boxing Orangutan. But not just anywhere, in a giant steel sphere with motorcycles driving around us. If that doesn’t work we will set the entire thing on fire.

It’s a sure fire solution. Either that or I am going to more to china and each English. Anyone know a weekend course in ESOL? Maybe I will go get my trainer cert and work at a gym. Prolly settle into another high stress computer job. Ugh.

Sword class was pretty good. I just hate that lightweight cheap sword that coach wants me to use. I much prefer my guiding one. If it only made sound. I think I may take the blade off my guiding sword and swap it with my lightweight one and see how that works. Perhaps that balance will be fixed and I won’t have to smelt any lead. Plus we all know how crappy the finger guard is on the lightweight swords. In fact I don’t think they should call it a finger guard — more like a finger hurt. Because that is what it does.