Yeah, I am a wuss. And I don’t know why. I have always been. I don’t ever ‘Go for it.’ I always build up to stuff slowly.

The incident that inspired this train of thought was my lack of backtuck last night. The round-off and back-handspring were just fine. But I never got the balls to tack that last flip on. It’s not like I wouldn’t make it or it would even be close. I am certain I would. But then I think about it too much and don’t go for it.

Nothing new. When I was skating, I would always build up to stuff. There are advantages to this. I practiced on a rail that was 6 inches off the ground so much that when I finally jumped up onto a handrail height rail I would be able to stay on easy and balance much better than a lot of the more advanced skaters. The biggest disadvantage: slow. It would take me forever to get that big trick. Once I built up to it, I had overanalyzed it and knew everything about it, but in the end that was much more info than necessary. On the up side I have never had any injuries worse than a nasty bruise or hearty scrape.

Putting that backtuck after the round-off back-handspring and doing a wall flip. I drilled the hell out of that stuff. Never had any remotely close calls. Always been consistent. Dagnabbit, wuss.

Of course now it is gonna be a clean month before I can go to gymnastics again.

So I talked to a number of people that said when I go to china I should just take cash. Apparently $300 should be plenty for a month (my room and board are paid for), but $500 is more than enough to be safe. Hmmm. Maybe I will get some travelers checks just to be safe. I need to remember to ask Qiu Dong about money when I call him — or if I see Ted online.

A week from tomorrow I am going to be on a plane. People keep asking me when I am leaving. I have made it a habit to reply ‘The 8th, you wanna go?’ So far no one says yes. I have had a few ‘Yes, but’’s, but those don’t count.

I wish I could bring my PS2 on the plane, I love Vice City. Such a fun game. It’s even fun to watch someone play. A combination of the radio stations and crazy funny stuff that happens to you — and that you make happen to innocent bystanders.

Going to see the Recruit tonight, then play poker over at Jeannie’s place. Should be fun. I hope I can convince Sean to come ‘ I haven’t seen him in over a week. However we may be going to some Chinese New Year thing on Saturday with him. I just don’t know any details about it right now.

Oh, Jason may come up this weekend; he wants to go fine some Xin Nian festivities. Unfortunately I don’t know of any other than a few wushu demos. The O-Mei one sounds like more traditional fun-ness, with a dragon dance and wushu, but that is a restaurant, so I don’t know if it is open to the public. The USWA one is in lake forest mall again, but that is kinda westernized new year show (it’s in a mall!! There was line dancing last year!). I was kinda disappointed that no one at O-Mei asked me to demo. I will pretend that they thought I had left already (I know Stephan thought I was gone), plus I couldn’t do the one last weekend because of Chinese school.