Well, Jason came up this weekend. He wanted to see something Chinese for Lunar New Year. I found a big parade in china town to take him to, but he wound up wanting to leave earlier than that would allow, so we went to an O-Mei Demo that was at Maxim Palace Chinese restaurant. There was some sort of large Chinese organization having a banquet there, so Jason and I sat in the back and waited for the demo. I wound up having to make a last minute run back to the school go get a music CD, so I was at least useful.

Before the demo we went to A&J’s for dinner and introduced Jason to some ‘Dao di zhong guo fan.’ Watching him eat with chopsticks was pretty fun. Overall Jason seemed a little sad. I am thinking his wompthy demeanor was due to his woman dissing him. I don’t really know what the deal is with that yet, I didn’t wanna bring it up and make things worse. I do know he kept running up stairs to check if she was online ‘ never seen Jason hung up on a girl like this.

I think Kelly talking to him was more useful than I was. I always avoid subjects that get too personal like that. I would much rather talk about body functions and crazy adventures than feelings and love. Defense mechanism I guess. I wonder if it relates to staying in a safe personal space with people. Even people I have known for years I pretty much avoid all body contact with them ‘ tend to wave good-bye when standing clearly with in handshake distance. So awkward. This is why I am determined to try and shake hands with people when I first meet them. Set the precedent and enjoy a relationship free of awkward handshake-less good-bye’s.

Luckily I don’t have any problem with that sorta thing with Kelly.

One very down point to this weekend was the Space Shuttle. Jason arrived and asked if I had heard the news. I hadn’t. He said there was an accident with the space shuttle Columbus. I immediately turned on the news to find out what was going on. Jason gave me a quick run down. I called upstairs to Kelly who was slowly waking up. I knew she was going to take if very hard, she still talks about challenger. I told her and she broke out in tears before I could finish. We sat around staring at the TV as they showed clips of the shuttle breaking up on reentry. After about an hour I pulled my self away to go to wushu and be distracted, I left them sitting there blankly looking at the news. By the time I returned Jason was more than half way through Shaolin Soccer and it’s crazy antics brought our sprits up. We still noticed the flags all across the city that were at half-mast. My only hope is that NASA will get some additional funding for manned space flight and we can get some new technology flying. Of course this could go the other way and cause cuts that cripple our already lame program.

Perhaps China sending a man in space will get us going. Better yet would be if they could put someone on the moon or the like. We need someone to compete with.