Taxes suck. I made a little mistake that is causing me 5 grand. Kelly and I thought we were doing everything right and we were being good. We really tried to play by the rules but I followed the directions on the W-4 form correctly and got screwed. Agghhhh!

Basically we took fewer deductions this year because we owed 2 grand last year and didn’t want that to happen again. Well, turns out that I checked the Married box on my W-4 when I started work at DCS. I didn’t do this when I was at IMAKE because I wasn’t married when I started ‘ then when I got married I changed my deductions to 1, with out changing the married status.

Well, apparently, if you check Married you things will be withheld at a lower rate. Makes sense if married people paid less tax ‘ but no! There is a marriage penalty. A big one. We would be getting over five hundred back (EACH!) if we were single and living together, but instead we owe five frikkin grand.

To top it off our brokerage company doesn’t send us 1099 forms like they are supposed to, instead we get these supplemental and div forms. With these weird ass date ranges and everything. You know I wanted to give them my money, and be honest and up front about it. I would let them take it when they wanted. But the man cannot even do that right.

There goes all the money (plus some) that I wanted to blow in china (and for Kelly to blow in Europe). Sucky suck suckarama.