Day after tomorrow. Coming down to it, I will be in china this weekend. Crazy fun time. I can hardly believe it ‘ I am finally truly excited now. I will sneak off to china and return a wushu master! Well, at least I will get better, that’s for sure. Hopefully more betterness than I would get just staying here. I have high expectations of the gains I will get, but will be happy just practicing my Chinese and not going to work for 3 weeks.

My bags are mostly packed. I do need to remember to put socks in my bag. I will go to the bank today and get a big wad of cash. My biggest concern is still weather or not my lower legs can take it. Stupid shin splints. They don’t’ hurt now, but after a good chang quan class I really feel it. Hmmm, I wonder how hard it will be to get ice there.

Kelly was stressing when she got home last night, originally it was about work, but she was able to transition it over into stress over my trip. She was worried about me making it through customs in Detroit and missing my flight ‘ making me have to pay large sums of money to get it fixed. She worried about me losing that large wad of cash, or having it stolen while I sleep on the plane. You know that sorta stuff. After talking about it for some time and with a certain level of vigor we wound up calling Northwest Airlines and asking them what the deal for a few of the in-transit issues.

1) There are 2 types of customs: In Travel and a Destination. Normally the line for the people that are just passing through the country is open and you just walk on through. It only gets tight when you arrive wherever you are going.
2) If you miss a flight because of a delay or the like that was the fault of the airlines they will fix it. Even post 9/11.
3) If you miss a flight because of customs or other requirements the airlines have no set policy for dealing with it, however they will probably help you out. According to the lady at NWA.

So it looks like I should be just fine. People do this every day. As long as I can avoid the China Whammy I will be a happy guy.