Tomorrow, tomorrow! I am all packed up and ready to go. I got all sorts of medicine and vitamins and clothes and ‘ well, that’s pretty much what I am bringing. I will check my giant TKD bag and a weapons case with one sword in it (I decided to take my gui ding jian). Gonna carry on my backpack which has my camera bag and some books in it; and my Timbuktu bag for a change of clothes toiletries and contacts stuff.

Every one kep suggesting stuff for me to bring. Of course I had a few people remind me (ARG!) to buy them stuff. Never a ‘if you don’t mine’ or ‘as long as it’s easy’, but rather a don’t’ forget to buy lots of stuff for me. At least Josh offered to pay. Emily provided me with one of the afore mentioned phrases, so I am gonna look for some size 37 feiyue’s for her’.can’t for get Kelly is a size 38.

Speaking of that, I asked Kelly what size she wore her feiyues in, and she responded with ‘Why, I don’t do wushu any more’. That was very sad. I always thought she had intended to return sometime in the future, we just were not sure when. I guess it is fine if she doesn’t ever wanna come back, but it would be nice. I swear she would like xingyi or bagua, but she swears she hates them. I am not sure she knows what they are (other than ‘what Jet Li did in the one). Sadness.

Who cares! She still likes sword, and I am going to China! Of course I really wish she would come with me, and I plan on knocking her over the head, stuffing her in the TKD bag (she will fit, no problem) and taking her with me ‘ but I think it would be a better situation if I paid for a ticket for her and we had a valid visa. Hmmmm. Damn.

I really need to sneak out of the office for a little while to go up to target and get some razor cartridges, I only have 2, and that is kind of tight for 3 weeks. Not like a actually need to shave. I have the facial hair of a square watermelon. And trust me, that is not a lot.