Just a quick post. I have been making a serious hand written journal and hopoefully I can type all that up and post it up here in a blatent flaunting of something or other. But I figured it would be cool to have a least one message posted from china. Hopefully I can make my way to the internet cafe and get another one or two up.

China is cool. it consists mostly of th following: Serious training with the Beijing team (I am the ONLY wai guo ren here this week) and missing my wife. The missing of my wife is more difficult than the training. I was only sore for the first 4-5 days but the whole no-wife-ness only gets worse. Tomorrow I should be able to talk to her on the phone, and I jsut wrote her a long rambling email professing my love so it may get better soon.

Beijing is a pretty cool place. I have met a bunch of cool people. All the gory detials have been painfull hand wirtten in my journal (I am so much slower with a pen and paper, and my hand cramps up — ahh typing), so I will type that up later.

If you see my wife, tell her I love her. If you have any news email me — I am in a bubble here no idea of anything going on outside of the Shi Cha Hai.