You know I am picking up two optional weapons right now. I wanted to get at least one under my belt — and I need to learn a number of them even if I dont plan on actually training it and trying to get it to competition level. Pudao is mostly cool because noone does it. But It lacks the flair and crazy coolness that chain whip has. Plus Kelly really likes chain whip — she really wants me to learn it. I will prolly ocncentrate on it when I return the the states. However I havent learned any of the the form — but I have some video of Morgan walking through it and a nifty little VCD for how to do it. I do know the pudao form — at least 3 sections of it. Not a very cool form. Kinda rigid and unexciting. I will see if I can get Qiu Dong Xing to help me with it when he comes to VA in march.

You know here at Shi Cha Hai you can’t really “learn” new forms. I mean, it is possable to convince someone to show you. But the coaches dont’ really teach new stuff to people. If the athleates want to learn a new taolu they go out and buy a VCD or get a buddy to show them the form. The pratice that till they can do sections and the coach will just correct them. I guess it dosent really matter once you get to their level — but it is a pretty stark contrast to how most martial arts on the US are taught. However i guess alot of wushu has been taught to me that way. When I decided I needed to learn the B-Sword Compulsory Form Lu Xiao Lin just assigned a few people to show me. Once I got it form them she watched and corrected me. The only diffrence is when I asked her she found a student to help me. When I asked Coach Lu (b-team) he said that he couldnt teach me. Of course is may have told me to try and go find someone or to buy a VCD, but I didn’t understand. Gotta work on my chinese — I would help my wushu so much.

I pretty much decided that I really do like chain whip. I mean, I knew I wanted to learn it the first time I saaw phillip do the form — and kelly wanted me to picked it up once she saw it. She seems to think I would be really good at it or something.

Crazy Girl.