Well I talked to Paulo last night and got a few emails form Greg ‘ we are doing new years over at Greg and Sean’s place. I feel rather bad that I just dissed Kelly’s friend Jen with out even a second thought. BUT we get to hang out with a bunch of cool people that we all feel comfortable with and would like to see more often. Looks like the list of attendees is: Greg, Sean, Paulo, Melanie, Suzie, Kelly and Me. Maybe Keye. Not a very big gathering but great for playing some games and all that.

Didn’t go to wushu last night even though I can’t go tonight or tomorrow. I think it was a good choice. I got to hang out with Kelly and it was really nice. She didn’t let us get sucked into to sitting around staring at the TV or nothing. We had a test run of Hoopla and then played a game of Go. (I was supposed to play Cameron last night, but had to go to bed). Kelly also was able to sneak in a hour long nap while I did some work on the computer.

I had a terrible time getting to sleep last night. Just tossing and turning. I really should have turned on the light and read some of FOTR, but I thought I was tired enough to drift off into sleepy land.

New favorite word: disport: to amuse one self in a light frolicsome manner. I used it a few times yesterday for some reason and decided that I like it. Kelly wanted to know how I knew words she didn’t. I think that is 1 word she didn’t know to a large pile that I don’t know. Don’t get me started on her math skills. At least I have my powers of two. No. Wait. I can’t do those anymore past 1024. How sad.

Time to work. Kim is making me leave 2 hour early and charge it to vacation. Arg.