Whelp, just got back from lunch with josh. We went to Subuway. Ugh. I really wanted to spend my going out to lunch money on somewhere better but that was OK. I found out that Josh proposed to his woman on Christmas. Didn’t get her the typical diamond but went for a sapphire. I don’t think he is very excited about this whole thing, like he is settling or something ‘ but I could be wrong. Perhaps he really does love her.

New years was fun. We all hung out at Greg’s place and played lots of games. Sarah and Cheryl showed up all dressed up in goin’ out clothes. They made the rest of us all feel old. Sean mentioned something about how that had never happened before, but they made him feel real good and old. The Virginia Tech-Air Force bowl game was disappointing, but we did come out with the win. Had to come from behind and they were always within reach of taking the win. It should have been a game dominated by VT. Not like I am a big football fan or anything.

We went back to our place at like 12:30 or so. Told Sean that he was welcome to come over and play video games. Went home and played Vice City till 3:30 or so. Go up the next morning and Sean was playing Jak and Dexter. We wound up making breakfast and cleaning and laundry all day. Sean hung around playing video games while Kelly and I busied ourselves with that stuff. Finally got cleaned up from Christmas.

Later that night after we sent Sean on his way we ran to Target and tried to get a Rubbermaid wrapping paper tub, but they were sold out. We got Kelly a canvas sock drawer thingy and I picked up the ‘Evening with Kevin Smith’ DVD. Great stuff.

Wushu Tonight. Gymnastics next week after a good three weeks with out. My hams are better, but my left it tender again. I hope I didn’t hurt it yesterday when I was trying to condition it. Prolly did. Need to get better soon.