Fox went and canned Firefly. I really liked that show. I know I didn’t catch it every week (being during wushu and all) but I had been taking Friday nights off to rest and recover and I was making sure to catch it when I was at home. Cowboys in space. It was great. Alas.

I took the metro in today. Partly because it snowed last night and partly because I wanted to. Unfortunately I didn’t get into the office until 9:30 or so. There were some nasty delays on the metro. We kept making these rebarbative stops mid tunnel on the orange line. And when I got down to the blue line platform at Rosslyn I found it full of people staring at the ‘Delays on the Blue line’ sign. Didn’t bother me too much, I was not pressed to get to work this morning, and it allowed me some time to stretch and do my Chinese flash cards. Of course I didn’t do any Chinese clash cards.

I find the social interactions on the subway very intriguing. I mean you are nto allowed to make eye contact. Well you can, but is seems like is it just as forward as going up and touching someone when you have plenty of room to avoid the contact. In order to avoid eye contact (and not just stare off into space, or at your feet) you must watch for the slow blink. Everyone tends to have a nice prolonged blink before they change their eye position. If you are looking at them and they close their eyes in order to reposition their eyes you best glance away.

I started off this weekend with a subaltern game of go verses Cameron. Lost to him. Dangit. He did have a 7 stone handicap, but still, I should have done better. I also played against Kelly and Sean. No, no multiplayer go, they were at different times. Both on the 13 board. I also had fun playing Neal-o on KGS after he watched the game between Cameron and me. He said I made him my Go Bitch. I am thinking I would rather have some other sorts of Bitches, but a Go Bitch is not the worst kind you can have by any means. Nice to get back into the game for a bit. I need to play on KGS like once a week so I can keep some forward progress with my Go skills.

I learned the first and the fourth sections of compulsory broadsword. Not nearly as difficult as sword ‘ for me. Of course that may has something to do with a year and a half of Broadsword at USWA. I think I am going to learn the compulsory and switch back to straight sword. I need to decide which weapon I am going to use for team trials soon. Coach Lu recommends I go to china and get their input.

I believe in the long run I will be better at sword than broadsword. So the question becomes do I concentrate on that for the long term now, or to I take something (i.e. staff or b-sword) and hope that they will be better for the short term. I am leaning toward straight sword right now. At least I will know 4 entire compulsory forms by the end of this week.

China in 33 days. shakes with excitement