Crisis averted. We have been working on this database stuff at work for a while now. They still insist on doing it in misrosoft products. And when the upgraded my PC to SP3 for windows 2000 it broke the ODBC connection to the SQL Server. We spent the last 2 days trying to get it up and running. It got frantic and the pressure was on to get it working. I was reduced to swinging my arms around in the dark and I go lucky and hit it. Some weird-ass registry change.

Thank God that has be put down. Remember, never use shoddy M$ products if you can help it.

Learned section 3 of Compulsory Broadsword last night. Need to practice it so I don’t forget. Finally went for round off-back hand spring-back tuck. Thank god Carlos was spotting me. Or I would have crashed the first one so bad. I Rush it way too much, and think about the tuck when I should be dealing with the handspring. I tried it less than half a dozen times. Drilled round off back hand springs for a while. Actually, on one of those round off back hand springs my knees buckled and it tweaked my back. So right in the middle of my back I have a wonderful pain. Like the vertebra were wedged together and bruised. Makes sitting more dreadful than normal.

Goal: get this trick before china.

I need to work on doing my back handsprings like normal. Travel back and punch afterwards. I get crazy height out of the handspring if I don’t flip. So I need to train my body for that.

I applied for my Visa for China yesterday. Sometimes it is nice living in D.C. I can run up to the Chinese Embassy and do that. I didn’t have an extra passport picture, so I made on the computer and printed it out. They didn’t notice the photoshoping I had done to it ‘ Removing the background and facial blemishes. They said to come back Friday afternoon. I need to remember the $30 in cash for the fee.

I broke my right front fender flare. I was at a car wash to try and get the salt off the jeep and found out I didn’t have any $1, $5 or $10 bills so I had to back up and I was paying attn to where I was going backwards and turned to sharp and hit the sign for the prices. Stupid mistake. At least it will be under $50 to get fixed. I prolly would not fix it if I hadn’t of broken the clear orange indicator cover.

Turns out O-Mei is hosting the team trials. So I won’t have to travel or anything to go to them. I will however be doing artwork and webpage stuff for it. I think they are trying to have it take place at the NOVA Campus off of Little River Turnpike. One stop down from me on the beltway. Convenient.