Physical status: Caves are sore, hams are feeling great, back little tender. Lets not talk about my shins.

I went up to Best Buy and grabbed a birthday present for Kelly’s best friend, Jeannie. We wanted to get her something nice and fun, but were at a loss. So I picked up a Sony Clie with a gift receipt. If she doesn’t want a Palm she can take it back and get a felicitous amount of DVDs. It was only a buck thirty, but a pretty nice little gizmo none the less. I wanted to run down to Sports Authority and get a medicine ball but I had already spent $65 to get the fender flare and $40 for another Tomas Kurz book today. So I decided I need to just wait.

Carlos gave me some good training advice when I asked him what he has his boys do for lifting and what not. He said that they mostly use weights for holding positions like they would on rings, but he recommended that I do some plyometric exercises for upper body. Pushups that hop up and down off of blocks (he suggested phone books), and the like. According to him I should be fine with the current program I have for my legs and abs ‘ however he did suggest more explosive exercises for the trunk.

We are supposed to have dinner with Jeannie tonight, but I want to go to wushu. Kelly is going for sure, but I think I am either going to go late or just skip all together. Turns out I talked to my x-co-worker Neil and a bunch of my buddies from IMAKE are going up to Baltimore Saturday night. Which is when we were going to have dinner with Jeannie and her ‘rents. Kelly wants to go because we often go to dinner with them and they pay for our meals ’ and this one is at home, so they don’t have to pay. I am sure the McHughs don’t think that at all, but it would be nice to have some evidence in our favor. But it would also be nice-nice to go hang out with the old gang. Don’t think both is a good option. We’ll see, I guess.