It’s official I got my Chinese visa. I am all set to go. However I got an email from Cirque. Here is what is said:

Montreal, January 8, 2003
We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to take part in the next martial arts & stunt audition in Las Vegas.

When:   Tuesday, February 11th, 2003
    Where:  Cirque du Soleil Theater Myst're

Treasure Island at the Mirage

3300, Las Vegas Blvd. south
                    Las Vegas, Nevada

Registration is at 8:30 AM. The audition begins at 9:00 AM and ends around 7:00 PM. Candidates will be eliminated throughout the course of the day.

You are not required to prepare anything in advance. This audition will allow us to evaluate your physical and technical abilities as well as your artistic potential, while paying special attention to your personality.

Please wear your favorite training outfit to the audition. Martial arts specialist are asked to bring their own weapons.
You are asked whether to confirm your attendance at the audition or the reason of your absence. To do so, you can contact me at the International Headquarters in Montreal at (514) 723-xxxx, ext. xxx, by fax at (514) 723-xxxx, or by e-mail at [deleted to be nice]

By omitting to contact us, we will consider that you are no longer interested and we will consequently take your name off of our lists.
See you soon!

C’line Lemay
Auditions Coordinator
P.S. We suggest you to bring a lunch, should you stay with us the whole day.

This would be wonderful except my trip for china is supposed to depart on February 8th. So I don’t know what I am going to do. Once I got this email it was the end of productive work for that day. I immediately replied with my sob story hoping to obviate any problems and get a rescheduled audition. Originally they offered 3 times that we could come and show off our skills, but I guess it is easier if they can fit us all in early at a place they own. It would be crazy cool to go and actually audition in Vegas at the Mystere theater, but I don’t want to start my trip to china with a let down should I get cut. That would make for a sucky time.

Paulo did point out that I might get the part (or second audition) and I would be all sorts of happy and go to china and buy my friends nice mahjong sets in a state of utter bliss.

Excited and nervous about the entire thing. China and Cirque, both.

Well on the up side Kelly came and had lunch with me. It was nice because everyone else here at work seemed to be going to lunch as a big group, so they would be gone for at least an hour and a half. Kelly and I were able to take out sweet time and wander around Georgetown to find a little restaurant for lunch. We went o Mon Cherie (sp?), and while it sounds French, it is just a regular deli. They put Italian Dressing on my Gyro. Tasted fine, but it was not really a Gyro. After that we stopped by Starbucks and grabbed a Chai ‘ then headed back to the Visa Office to pick up my passport. Yay!

I think we are going to go out to dinner with all the old wushu gang tonight. Hopefully Lost Dog. Then saterday after Wushu we are going to jeannie’s for dinner. Looks like we are gonna miss the trip to Baltimore with them IMAKEians, that sucks, but they were going out and gonna be out all night type thing, not really my thing. Sunday after Chinese school Josh and Dmitry are going to come over for a few games of Go. I’m sure I can get Sean to show for that as well. Should be fun.