Well it was a good weekend. Started out on Friday by us going to Lost Dog with Sean, Glenn and eventually Adrian. Glenn had his usual rants about wushu, which were as always entertaining. He and Adrian had some insightful comments on Cameron’s level of annoying-ness.

Friday wushu class was good, hadn’t done a Chang Quan class in a while. My lower legs were hurting after that one. I iced when I got home.

As usual, Sean came back and we played some games. About ½ a game of Go, and he played a bunch of Jak and Daxter. Apparently he dreamt about that game. Well, not so much about that game, but he had a dream where the camera operated in the same way as it does in the game. It is overwhelmingly funny that Sean, of all people, would be having video game induced dreams.

Reminds me of Mario brothers on the NES, I would close my eyes and see koopas.

My legs hurt like crazy in Saturday’s class, I made it through basics, and I sorta slacked off when we were doing the chang quan sets. Once we got to weapons I was fine because I am still just learning b-sword. I had to land the jumping drills with two legs. I always feel like I should push harder when I tell the coach I am gonna slack off. Prolly smarter to take is easy.

Yesterday was the first Chinese school in a long time. Unfortunately during that long time I completely forgot my Chinese. I struggled through that.

My Kids were pretty good in class, and they are getting better. The oldest, Lawrence, asked me if he had to go to the other classes in order to come to Wushu. He said that Wushu was the only reason he even wanted to come to Chinese school. Now if he would only stretch more.

I am gonna skip class tonight and Wednesday. Kelly is leaving for Texas on Thursday, so I need to hang with her. Tuesday I am still gonna do the double header, but perhaps I can go to the early wushu class so I can see her for a little while in between wushu and gymnastics.

Stupid teeth. If it wasn’t for teeth, Kelly would not be going to Texas. I would not have these holes in the back of my month that constantly catch food. And we would look funny when we smiled. Stupid teeth.