Just finished lifting. The new Cirque TV Show was on tonight. I got to watch 3 episodes of it. Too bad I had already seen 2 of them. I get all excited about it, then i get all worried. I keep playing out in my head how life will be when I get in and start training. Then I worry about not making it. Then I think about doing wall backflips or round off – handspring – tuck’s.

this would compleatly change my life. Put me years ahead of the conventional plan. I would be rid of the cubicle for ever.

Flip spin kick for a living. By next year.

It’s like that time I drempt I had a new sterio. It was so cool, the greatest sterio I could ever get. When I woke up I didn’t realize it was a dream. i could not find it anywhere, and i looke every where. My mom didn’t know what I was talking about. It struck me it was just a dream. I hope I don’t dream cirque.