Well I did a roundoff-backhandspring-backtuck last night. No, I did have a spotter, and I am crazy inconsistent at it. This was the second time I attempted the trick so I am not too upset. I thought I was going to hit it the first time for sure.

Justin Ma was teaching me broadsword last night. Cleaning up section 3 of the compulsory form. He really has that form down pat. Knows his stuff. Now that I think about it he is one of the better Broadsword people from this country. He really cleaned it up, and it was nice watching him doing stuff broken down for me.

I wanted to go to the advanced wushu class, but I decided that I needed to get my haircut and take the Jeep through the car wash. That wound up taking until 7:10 or so. The lady that cut my hair did a horrible job, missed spots on the back and it was all uneven on the sides. So I took out the clippers and trimmed it my self. I am pretty proud of the job I did. I should just get Kelly to cut my hair from now on ‘ would do a better job than that poor Russian lady. I felt bad. She seemed to be taking so much care to do a good job and I looked all lopsided and scraggly.

At least I was able to stop into CVS and get some laundry detergent so that I could impress Kelly when she got home. Until she called and told me to go to the store and buy some, so I told her I got some already and it wasn’t nearly as exciting as surprising her at home. Don’t matter, I guess, since I got some Chocolate Milk out of it.

Taking the evening off to hang with Kelly. Jeannie is gonna come over and return my camera and do some editing. She was making this little video for morals or ethics or something for work. So her group came up with a little skit and they taped it. I will show her how iMovie works and convert her to Mac for ever! Buahhaha! Or just end up editing it to obviate the problem and we can go out to dinner.

Work was fun, I got to spend most of my time today and yesterday playing Model. Dressed up in Camo with cool helmets and NVG’s. Sure beats the hell out of coding all day. Now if Kim would tell me what they want out of this Huntsville thing. And IIS would just RUN!! Arrhhgg!

Tomorrow: Long Weapon and a little Gymnastics for good measure.