Kelly is flying to Texas in a few hours to get a temporary bridge put in by her uncle. Going to be gone all weekend plus a day or two. Looks like a lonely weekend. Perhaps I can harass Sean into going up to that game store on Saturday for some Go books.

I am not sure I am gonna make it to wushu on Friday because of over-training injuries. My lower legs are really getting to be an issue again. I am worried that they will castigate my training in China. I had been entertaining the idea of getting some good old western medical help. I know my general practitioner doctor would tell me to lay off the wushu. Not an option. I would like to get referred to a sports specialist or a Kinesiologist, but I don’t know how that process works. Perhaps all my problems would go away if I got orthopedics. Perhaps it would be a waste of my time and money. While in Beijing I will jump at any chance to have acupuncture or similar Chinese treatment for the shin pains.

I had the strangest dream last night. I didn’t write it down when I first woke up, so I don’t remember much. But it started with me waking up and getting out of bed ‘ which was strange and added a powerful realism to the entire experience. We were getting ready in the morning and going out to our garage (we had a garage!) to get in the car and go to work. But as the door opened there were some sorta crazy strong and powerful electrical ‘disturbance’ going on. We freaked out and it is consuming her car (mine was parked in the garage). Turns out there was a UFO zapping her car. You could not see what was going on from in the garage, so I had to poke my head out and around the corner to see it. Looked like a spherical knights helmet. I mean, it had a little slit like the eyehole, for the visor. The bottom hemisphere was a little larger and flared out at the slit. Don’t remember much beyond that other than thinking how annoying it was that the aliens chose to harass my wife’s car.