It was a long weekend all with out a wife. Hung out with Sean and Josh a lot, and that was fun. Would have liked to see a few other people also (Dmitry showed up on Friday night), but I don’t have any complaints. At least with these fellas I can play lots of abstract strategy games and every one is happy.

Kelly’s dental work reportedly was a success. No complaints from her other than sore gums. She has to be careful because this is a temporary thing and is not as strong as the real tooth or the permanent bridge. I am just happy she is coming home tonight. I didn’t do any laundry the entire time she was gone. And I am out of underwear now. Not that I couldn’t do it, but it was more a protest thing. Of course this morning I wanted to clean the house for her return, but I was already late for work when I finally pried my self out of bed.

That’ll teach me to stay up till 3 am reading Tolken.

People are starting to ask me to buy them things in china. I am slightly annoyed at this. I don’t mind getting some stuff for certain people. But the larger the gifts they ask for the more annoyed I am. Not large like price, but rather size. Josh mentioned something about how I had to get at least 3 taiji swords: one for me, Gerald and him. I don’t mind getting him one, and it’s not like I hardly know him or any thing, but I feel like he is demanding. I think that is the issue. It’s not so much what they ask, but how. I am not trying to say it is Josh, but that was just a recent case and it is fresh in my mind. There have been a number of people that I work hard for and put a lot of my time effort and money into helping them out only to discover that they are happy with my work but don’t want to bother doing the same back.

Now I am supposed to write something trite about how in the end it will work out, and God will know and Bla bla blabity-ble. But c’mon. I will however decided that I don’t give a poo about getting stuff in return and I will do it because I want to. So take that.

Take? What should I take’..to china?
Pepto-Bismol, Aspirin, Tylenol PM and Cold/Flu.
2 pairs of jeans.
Sweatpants and wushu pants.
Few dark t-shirts.
Winter coat hat and gloves.
Empty weapons case
In Flight entertainment (Cryptonomicron, Chinese study marterials, Science of sports training)
Lots of extra contacts and toiletries