Kelly came home last night (YAY!) Kelly left this morning (sniff) Kelly will return tomorrow night (YAY!) But that is not until tomorrow (sniff). She was gone way too long.

You never realize how nice some fresh clean underwear is until you are flipping the dirty nasty smelly ones inside out and trying not to poke out the large gaping holes that have been worn along the seams.

A nice pair of tightie-whities gives me a warms safe and secure feeling. So sung and comforting.

I was given an ‘alternate’ task today at work. It was basically to go fix someone’s computer that wasn’t playing a movie correctly in one of our trainers. Everyone seemed to think that this task sucked. And I guess I sorta played along with that view, but in reality I didn’t mind doing it. In fact I sorta liked it. Not that the process of actually doing it was fun or enjoyable, or anything along those lines, but it was a relatively easy process and a short-lived task. So I could do it and get it done. And everyone was happy that I was able to help them out, and I actually accomplished something.

I don’t like these big open ended problems. The complexity of the large projects is overwhelming and makes me uneasy. I get nervous about the project as a whole. Not that I can’t break it down, but you have to make these design decisions on the break down process that can seem to be a good idea until the very end when they have an Achilles heal that requires a major change. If the environment is conducive to changes like that it is not so bad (i.e. Java or C++), but perl or asp make for a rotten time.

I think what it boils down to is I would rather work on smaller projects that I can hammer out quickly and be able to say they are done. You may think that everyone wants this type of work, but according to Kim, he likes to solve problems, and the bigger and more complex they are the more fun it is. Not sure if I believe this, and he never told it to me directly in so many words. But it can be pretty easily inferred from his suggestions and daily ramblings.

It’s snowing again. There was a problem on the Blue line today so I decided to drive in, good choice as far as I can tell. I hope I don’t have a revisit to last Thursday’s situation: Make it to wushu, but the snow really comes down and makes driving suck so I can’t go to Gymnastics. I think I am gonna do everything I can to make Gymnastics tonight. I would skip wushu if I thought that would improve my chances.

I am nervous about going to gymnastics. Honestly. I don’t want to try and fail the roundoff-handspring-backtuck again. But I must get it. So I need to face the fear of crashing (yeah, I got a spotter, but I am more scared of not being able to do it) and smack that beioch into it’s place.