I hit roundoff-backhandspring-backtuck last night with out a spot. Sorta. I mean, Carlos was there spotting me then he just stopped and stood there incase I needed it. But he didn’t help at all, and I did just fine. Now all I gotta do is get the guts up to go for it on my own. Nonetheless I am excited that I actually hit it.

I talked to Qiu Dong Xing for over an hour last night. He called at 11:30 or so, but Kelly was out of town so I could stay up late and chit chat. Eventually Qiu Dong insisted that I go to bed. Sounds like that guy is lonely. He asked if Kelly and I wanted to move out there after my trip to china. I said, “move? You mean visit?” He said “Visit good, move better.” I was flattered that he wanted me to move out there. Then again he may be thinking that I might actually do it.

He got a job offer teaching wushu, pretty low pay, but they would provide him room. Unfortunately it was in San Diego, and Tina may stay in LA. That would suck. Plus he would like to get work in the movies doing stunt work, and San Diego is a little far. I also talked to Gerald about getting Qiu Dong a job at white tiger, they are pretty expensive and seem to insist on the best and quality stuff, so maybe they would be able to pay him more. Plus const of living in NC is lower that southern cali. And it would make it easy for me to go visit ‘ I bet Gerald would rent them a room cheap.

In my ideal world, I would get the job at Cirque. And so would Qiu Dong. Then we could hang out in Vegas and have a good old time. I need to try and finish his video this weekend. I am even entertaining the idea of skipping class to get work done on it.

Well I I found out that the power tumbler at capital, Jason (I think, there was also another guy named Chris but I get tem confused), signed on with Cirque. He doesn’t know what or where he is going to do, but mentioned that they offered him a spot on Algeria probably doing fast track. He would be really good at that. That kid has the biggest calves. On of the cheerleaders told me that his calf is so strong that it once ripped his heal off his foot. The entire thing, it was up on his lower leg. That is just insane. Of course what do you expect form someone who hits the ceiling at capitol.

Side project: I think I am gonna try to develop software for tracking scores and other results for martial arts tournaments. I sent an email to the guy who did the stuff for colligates and I am going to see how he did it. Perhaps he will want to contribute, or I would be happy just knowing what problems he had. Eventually I want to make this into software for the entire school system. Prolly a php-mysql thing. The first step is the online registration. The only tricky part is O-Mei cannot take credit cards directly, so we are gonna see about using pay pal. Looks like those fees will be less than actually signing up for a credit card account with a bank. Crazy how expensive that stuff is. It’s about a $1.50 per charge. Paypal will take about that with out any equipment or up front nonsense. The only problem I can think of is updating our records to see who has paid via pay pal. I am thinking I may only let people register online if they pay first. Then on the registration form they must enter the name of the participant on the form. Any group registration must be done via snail mail and check. I may have the online form just simply email coach and she will get to keep track of it her self. I would prefer to make that all automated, but I think that may cause problems if I am the only person who knows how to work it. So email based system may be better. I will try to keep a copy on the server to print out reports with ‘ but I wont let them know of this process or how it would work if I had my may.