A responce to a message on the wushu gossip webpage I wanna keep a copy of

MarioCRX wrote:
– ok guys got a discussion to strike up with you guys.
– Its regarding coaching methods, just wana see what
– your opinions are. To be less broad lets split the
– coaching method to 2,
– 1. is the old traditional school of thought where
– repetition and pain are the only methods oooooor
– 2. the more modern way of a scientific way of
– training, where more focus is made on specific
– movements of difficulty to each athlete? what do you
– guys think?

I’m all for the old repetition and serious training but 100% against the some of the stupid demands that go with it.

I have seen some fully trained old school coaches demand that you work on your jumping into splits before a proper warm up (unless you consider doing the splits cold a warm up), that’s just dumb. There is no reason anyone should tell the class to partner up and have one of them push the other into splits. Dangerous enough for a coach to “help” with the stretching, much less your random partner in the yellow belt class.

I think many of the coaches neglect the importance of training physiology. It seems to me that many of them do not read or study anything to do with sports training or proper ways of doing it. It’s pathetic that “certified” trainers know more about nutrition and exercise sequence than a full-fledged wushu coach.

Of course there are those out there that do the research and learn what is effective and what are misconceptions. They train you smart and it still works the hell out of you. Only you don’t have as much risk of injuries that will set you back a few years.

Repetition and (the right kind of) Pain are good things. But there is no reason to be pulling muscles or hyper extending joints in order to get better. That type of pain only hinders your progress. That burning sensation I get on full set night is a good pain. Hurts more than any pulled muscle I have had.