Josh is coming up to meet me for lunch so I figured I would jot a few things down real quick. We are going to subway. I have eaten there 3 times this week. At least I get the Turkey sandwich and no chips. Much better for you than the stuff I used to get there.

I remember a time when Subway was my favorite place. I used to ask to go there for my birthday. I’m thinking that was in back when I lived in Cali, but maybe when I still lived in Alaska. I would insist on Subway (cold cut trio, lettuce, Mustard and Mayo, Salt and Pepper) and a Pie. I didn’t want a cake, only a pie. Some sorta Chocolate Silk type pie. Mmmmm, good stuff.

We got a call from Glenn saying that the old USWA peeps wanted to meet up for some chi-fan’ing. So we went to Unos. Had lots of people show: Greg, Paulo, Mel, Sean, Glenn, Adrian, Keye, Bryan, Trisha, Philip, Vincent and Kelly and I. It was cool. I would up sitting next to Philip, so we were able to talk a bit, we need to hang out with that kid more. He just lives in that way off far place called Maryland. There was plenty of old coach bashing going on. Nothing too serious, but not exactly positive conversation.

I really miss sing those peeps 3-4 times a week.

Josh otta be getting here soon, so I needa post this. Perhaps some more later today.