I did it for real. It felt so good. Finally hit that trick. Round-off Back-back.

Next is a layout, then a few back handsprings before the flip.

Of course I needed a spot the first few times to get my nerve up, but once that was settled I did it. I drug Kelly to the gym to show off and impress my woman, but that didn’t work so well. Before Carlos had the time to come spot me I was going Round-off back-handsprings, to which Kelly responded: ‘isn’t there supposed to be more? Like a 3rd thing?’

It’s my own fault; she would be impressed if I stopped taking her to Jackie Chan movies.

I ordered my evacuation insurance today. In case of medical disaster they will fly me back to the US. It is also other medical insurance for while I am in china ‘ I pretty smart thing to do, IMO. Set me back $88, but if we had to pay to get my out of china in an emergency it can run over $20K. Wushu requires medical safety nets, me thinks.

I think I got everything in order for my trip. Qiu Dong wants me to send him a list of stuff I wanna buy, so he can forward it to his friends to help me gather it up. So here is a quick brain storm:

Bunch of Straight Swords, preferably nice guiding ones. I need at least one for Josh, Gerald, Carlos and Matt.
One nice Taiji sword
One snappy wushu straight sword
A Pudao
A Chain Whip
A Spear big enough for me (or the parts for one)
Parts for a 3-Section staff
small bundle of staffs
Chop for Mel
New set of silks, and one for Kelly
Cool t-shirts (and the like) with crazy Chinese stuff on it
Feiyue’s for Kelly

Think that is about it’I am sure there will be more stuff. I don’t know how this works, having never been to china. But all anyone ever tells me is how cheap everything is.