Long morning this morning. I forgot my lunch, and now I am really hungry. It is almost 3:30, so I will be able to get some food sometime soon. I had breakfast this morning so I am not blacking out from lack of blood sugar or anything, but I am really hungry. And sleepy.

Kelly and I stayed up late talking despite our efforts to go to sleep early. We went from talking about how hard it is going to be being apart for 3 entire weeks to the thickness of the earth’s crust. We debated for a while and had to go wake the computer up and ask google. Just so you know, it’s about 45 km deep. Strange conversation. And right now we have no idea what we are going to do to talk to each other while we are apart. I think Kelly is going to want to talk to me more than will be possible ‘ but that is true for everyday situations, not just going to china. Not that I mind, I would sure like her to be there to hear all my stories.

Saturday there was a Sneak Preview for Jackie Chan’s Shanghai Knights. But I wound up going to dinner with the in-laws in old town. Not that it was that bad, it was just no Jackie Chan movie. At least I had a good 4 hours of wushu before that.

Oh, almost forgot, yesterday was the Superbowl. Not that I really cared. We went to Jeannie’s Kai’s place. Danny and I spend most of the game debating if we should be watching Figure Skating or a Murder She Wrote Marathon. Then today I found out there was a San Shou fight on ESPN, Chung Le and everything. Now I know what I shoulda watched.

I’m a bit worried about my ability to handle the training in china. So much so that I woke up early to go running. However it was about 10 degrees out side so I decided to jump rope and do a few other exercises instead. I will lift tonight and might go with Kelly to the little gym to run on the treadmill for a little while. I also plan on lifting tonight, but I am pretty that I’ll skip wushu. Tonight is a new episode of Cirque Du Soleil: Fire Within. I guess it doesn’t come on till 9, so I could go to wushu and be home in plenty of time. But I think I need the rest.

I stumbled across Jason(from Capital Gymnastics)’s web page. He says up there that he trains 20 hours a week. Really makes me feel like I am not putting the effort into my training that I need to. I really only got about 3 times a week to wushu, and once a week to gymnastics. Those numbers need to be up by one a week. I really need to drill the forms and movements to death so I am comfortable with them. I struggle through stuff too much. Totally unnecessary, if I would simply force my self to master the simple movements and combinations from the forms I would be in much better shape. Peter could always do that so well. That Taiji pimp. (Wish I would hear from him again)

Work to do at work before I can leave for China. Stupid sitting.