In the other window I am writing a list of stuff I wanna get in china. Qiu Dong Xing asked me to send him a list of all that craziness. I guess so he can give it to his friends to help me out, but most of the stuff I will prolly want to check out before I buy.

But I was thinking about who I should get stuff for while in china:
My ‘Rents
Laura and Matt

A few others I also want to get stuff for but I am not sure I am gonna be able to. Mostly it depends on weather or not I have space/money. Everett
Philip (he wants silks, kinda a high price/effort request, IMO)

BTW, if you are not on the required list, don’t be offended, that list is pretty much all family. They just get priority. I plan on doing a bunch of shopping while I am there. One tricky thing is I don’t know how much money to take along. Or how hard it is going to be to get the money while I am there.

Ok, I just wrote a few emails, on to Morgan (the guy setting up the trip) and one to Tina with the stuff that QDX asked for. Man, I am getting all psyched up. Makes working so much harder.

On to a totally unrelated subject: Laughter. Kelly and I have discussed how much little kids laugh. They will seriously just go running down the hallways laughing as hard as they can simply because it is fun to see everything bouncing by. This has got to be the best thing for you ever. Not only does it rip the stress from your being, but it is great exercise. Adults simply don’t’ run down halls laughing enough.

Kelly did point out that when we do run around for no reason other than running around we tend to giggle and laugh as we do it. This is good. We just don’t do that enough.

Adults are simply way to self conscious about that. I cant do it at work because that would be considered unprofessional. Not like that stops me from doing body turns or stretching at my desk. But that stuff is subdued enough that it doesn’t attract negative attention to me’.but subdued enough to also lack the amazing powers that the laughter and joy of more uncontrolled activities would have.

Going to gymnastics again tonight. Going to try that roundoff-handspring-tuck again. I think I am going to have Carlos spot me for the first time so I can convince my self that I will be fine. I get nervous about it still. However last Thursday was crazy fun.