Well, Carlos is going to be gone until after I leave for China, so if I want to do any tumbling I will A) not have a spotter (not so bad) and B) be at the gym with out a coach (a little worse). Carlos said he would tell Sergio that I am coming to workout tonight when the power tumblers are there, but I am not sure I want to do that. Then again it could be a good month before I get to try the new stuff again. I am being indecisive, and I really should just go and do it. What I am worried about (other than a broken ankle)?

Finally talked with Mark about QDX’s web page. I met him once when I was in Arizona for Li Jen Heng’s Wushu tournament. My old coach from USWA introduced us, but that was more like a ‘oh, hi—ok, bye’ type meeting. Seems like a cool guy, now that I have actually talked, er—chatted with him. Hopefully we can get this web page stuff for Qiu Dong done soon (that, and the video). You know with a trip to china and all that craziness.

Kelly and I are a little worried about cash this time of year. Paying off Christmas and all. We always spend more than we should for Christmas. I know that is normal and expected of us in our culture ‘ but we try to actually plan for it and set aside what we need. I guess multiple plane tickets to Texas and a few to China and Vienna don’t make our budget any easier to control. The low on cash thing makes it even more annoying when people ask me to bring them stuff back form China. No offence people, but I swear EVERYONE is asking me to do that. And some people are being demanding about it — which only makes it much worse. C’mon people, this is my first trip. Let me figure out how things work THEN we can talk about stuff for my to buy you (especially those people who may or may not pay me back, you know who you are). Arg. OK. That is not a good topic and I have written about it too much so no more — out of my system.

I wanted to write something deep and/or profound, but I gotta do real work now. That’s what I get for getting stumped then distracted. Dang.