Well, thanksgiving break is over and I am all sorts of not happy to be back at work. Stupid work. And I even forgot my badge so I can’t leave here with out having to call someone to let me back in. Actually this morning I just sat in my car until Kevin showed up and I just walked in with him. I don’t’ even think he knew I was sneaking in. heh.

We went down to Richmond Wednesday night, and had thanksgiving dinner over at grandmas house. Actually Aimee did all the cooking, it was good stuff. We did not have any of the Longs, but the Tulli came down and ate with us. Kelly Nikki and I wound up all staying at grandmas that night, staying up late to play games and watch the special edition of Fellowship of the Ring.

Thursday was going pretty well, until we wanted to watch the second half of Fellowship and my dad couldn’t get the DVD player to work ‘ Kelly asked if he wanted me to help him and he snapped at her. Then told me through the door of the bathroom (I was sitting on the toilet at the time) that ‘I know your wife doesn’t respect me, but tell her to be quiet about it some times’ or something along those lines. I was muchly pissed, and Kelly wanted to leave. I almost did.

Kelly was crying, and my dad was pouting, so my mom basically made my father call a family meeting. He did not invite or ask, but told us we had to talk. Arg. Anyway, we had a bash session on my dad for a while, and told them all sorts of stuff that has pissed us off ‘ and they took it very well. I feel kinda bad for father, because Mom has just as much as he does, but all the issues raised sounded like it was just him. That is mostly his fault. He kept correcting himself from saying ‘we’ to ‘me’ . Ahh-well. In the end we were much better off. Made it better because I was leaving a day early to go install a gymnastics floor at O-Mei.

Speaking of the floor. I rented a truck and went out to pick it up all by my self. We had gone jumping through a bunch of hoops to get everything set up and ready, but it got there. WhenI first showed up I had lots of help from the gymnastics coaches ‘ so things went really well. Aside from the fact that I found out I was gonna have to take two trips. But we finally got everything loaded unloaded and reloaded (this time loading was just me and Kelly) and unloaded again. When Kelly and I were there for the second loading session it was even snowing on her. Crazy Girl, some how the snow made her all happy to be out there, she didn’t complain or nothing about doing all this work with out the help we should have had. She rocks more now.

That was Saturday, yesterday (Sunday) we installed the floor. I had from 9am to 1pm to get things up and running before I had to take off for dinner with Kelly’s parents. But we got stuff very far along actually. The floor was 2/3 down, and we still needed to build the border around the edges, but that was worked out pretty well. While we were gone they built up all around the edges and I came back afound 8 to put in the last few screws. Lemme tell you something, Chinese people don’t know how to use a drill. At least not any of the ones there. They stripped every screw they put in. Ruined at least two of the screwdriver bits I brought in ‘ one was brand new. But in the end I am happy, we have a nice new floor. Mr Chang fronted the money’and he was able to talk them down to $1500. I think most people are happy, but I expect a lot of complaints that the floor is too bouncy or soft. Which really kinda sucks, because I am so convinced that it is so much better this way. Hopefully with the amount of work we put into it no one will want to take it up anytime soon. Not to mention all the stripped screws.

Well for our dinner with the Tulli we first went to go see ‘Halleluiah Handel’ at the Kennedy center, which was a short little play, no longer than an hour, but it was a fun place. However Rich and Neil were late, and we were waiting in the wrong place so there was an emergency for a while there. Esp when we were following a very not happy Kelly up the stairs and we lost her ‘ so we asked the lady there where our seats were and she sat us down a level ’ so Kelly and Janice were up stairs and Her Dad, Brother and Husband were down. We knew that was badness ‘ so eventually I went up and found her mom sitting there, and waited till she returned. After some tears and hugs we went back and sat down and saw the second half of the show.

Dinner at the melting pot was a fantastic success. We were able to move our reservations up a little and got there right on time. Neil and I gorged ourselves on the spicy cheese and everyone else had the boring swiss. So good, so much food. I dipped everything in the chocolate that I could. Neil even picked up mints of the floor and ate those, covered on chocolate of course.

Well Kelly just called ‘ she had her tooth pulled. Doesn’t sound like it was that bad, but she doesn’t sound to happy either. Guess I will not get to test out the floor tonight. Which is fine, I really need to be with her tonight. He mom is taking care of her right now, and should still be there when I show up at 5 or so. Hopefully I can sneak out around 4. That would be better.

Well, I need to go figure out where I was with my project last week ‘ stupid work.