Kelly’s tooth removal was rather eventful. I am prolly happy that her mom was able to take care of her during the day. She fainted during the actual procedure, so they all hard to stop and see if she was ok. The drugs they gave her make her rather ill so she wound up throwing up a few times last night. Most of the time she sat around looking not so happy.

This not making me want to get my wisdom teeth removed next Friday. That was only one tooth, and it was up close and easy to get too, I have 4 teeth to worry about, and they are impacted on the bottom and everything. Not so excited about that.

Double sucks, because Kelly is out of town tonight. Arg, stupid her work.

I finally got Xiang Bo’s correct email address and I emailed him about the webpage, wound up getting his AmEx card number and ordering it for him. So it looks like I will have the control over that. Yet another one on my list. O-Mei should not be hard at all, they don’t’ have the drive that Chris Pei had to make his website the best that there is’.plus I will have freedom to play with it how ever I want.

One good thing about today is I get to go play on the nice new floor at wushu ‘ during sword class, then I will run off to capital for a little flippin’. Emily has been saying she wants to go, and last week Stephan sounded interested. I also get to tote the $1500 from Mr. Chang to capital for the floor. Hmm, maybe I should run off to Mexico with it’.

Dean from KS is coming to town Friday, I am rather excited about it. I have never seen this boy in the flesh, but from out AIM and email conversations I think we wont’ have any trouble getting along. Sounds much more exciting than the other Christopher Sexton. That guy kinda spooks me.

In conclusion: Teeth are scary. Train harder (as always) and don’t eat French fries.