Arg, what a wasted day. I know I have actually done work but it sure don’t’ feel like it. Now it is just about 4, and that means only an hour of the day left. I was hear rather late last night, but I hope to get out of here earlier today. I want to get my hair cut and Kelly’s phone fixed before wushu. So I can’t be leaving at 6:15 again tonight.

I was reading some of Stadion’s news letters today and I am gonna have to swear off French fries and soda. I am seriously gonna try to not eat/drink them any more. I will reserve soda for special situations and try to avoid French fries all together. Damn, I like them both so much, but they are so bad for me. Must have will power, must refuse to eat crap. I bet my skin clears up in a month if I am successful. I neglect nutrition too much.

All this research makes me want to go get a degree in Applied Kinesiology or Sports Medicine. Certs are pretty much worth less and I am not sure that it would be worth the money. Maybe I will just go for one any way because it is only a weekend of work.

Wushu and gymnastics were good last night. I was proud I was able to give out my card twice today. Once to Vyvy at wushu (inviting her to our b-day gathering) and the other to Kyle at gymnastics (inviting him to our b-day gathering). Both of them have prior arrangements but want to come later. So I am down with that.

Kelly seems to be doing better with her tooth situation, she had to take three Tylenols earlier today, but she doesn’t have to use the prescription stuff. Plus it makes her sick.

Lesson from today: Soda makes bones weaker, I need strong bones.