Crazy last two days. It snowed a good 6′ here. I took Kelly to work in the jeep and then I jumped on the metro yesterday. And today for that matter. I would rather not take her car on the road when it is all covered in salt.

The DVD player died two days ago, so we went out an dbougnt a new one yesterday. It was kinda nice, because Kim did not show up to work, so I pretty much spend all day researching DVD players, and I was able to pick out one that did exactly what we want. I got the Panasonic RV32 ‘ a lot of people on VCDhelp.com seemed to like it. Plus it was $99 after a rebate.I almost got an Apex one, they are rather hacker friendly, but they pretty much require you to hack it (just to play VCD’s, ugh). I tested a lot fo stuff out on it and every thing I tried worked just fine. So I am a happy boy. Plus we needed a DVD player because Dean comes in tonight (and Gerald and everyone one else) for my b-day weekend. Which Glenn has dubbed national Super Fly Day. I am down with that yo.

My hammies are rather tender from class on Wednesday; I think it was the up-downs at the end of class that really toasted them. I could feel them doing that sorta-cramp thing they do when they are hurting. Now I have done something to my ankle, right across the top where the foot meets the leg ‘ where peter hurt himself. Oh, speaking of peter, I will go write him an email to invite him to my b-day thing. BRB’.well I sent it.

I think I sound pretty desperate to him now, but I have to keep trying, maybe he really is busy and doesn’t actually hate me. whimper

Well, I am crazy excited aobut this weekend, it is 1:00 now, and I will be taking off in a couple of hours to go find dean, and we can head back home ‘ go to wushu ’ meet with wushu peeps ‘ talk about wushu ’ do some more wushu ‘ dream about wushu ’ wake up to wushus ‘ and go do wushu ’ watch some wushu on TV’you know the normal. Yay!