Well this weekend was a blast. I left work around 2:30 or 3 on Friday to go meet dean at the airport. He is much taller than I expected him to be. Really didn’t look like how I thought. Not that it is a bad thing, or that I even care, I just figured I would have a better mental image of the guy from the videos/pictures I had seen. His wushu was surprisingly good. Some stuff was a little awkward but his b-twists and front snap kicks were crazy clean. Plus he had this old school flavor. It was cool having him come hang out. I do feel like I kinda ignored him a little too much, like during my b-day party I don’t’ think I talked to him that much, I was playing games and laughing it up with some of the old USWA peeps.

Training was good. Friday, I took both the intermediate and advanced class. I also saw the Ba Gua class. I really want to take that. Only problem is it happens on Friday at 5. I am gonna try to go, however. Ba Gua is so intriguing to me, plus I need to start learning some of the ‘slower’ wushu styles. And I don’t think I am ready for taiji slow just yet. Chen is hella interesting though. Anyway, by the time we finished Saturday class my shins were killing me. I am taking tonight off to lift and heal.

They were building the rest of the floor on Saturday after class, I wish I could have helped more, but people were in town and I had to go make showings at different places. Gerald, Sean, Dean and I did help haul in lumbar. So we are not THAT bad. You should have seen Emily when she noticed sean was at O-Mei. Heh.

Kelly Gerald and I went over to Todd’s place for his and Marilee’s little Christmas Open House thingy, it was pretty cool. So much food, she really like entertaining I think. Found out Brian Key Eloped. Nice to see Todd, too bad Beej wasn’t there.

Sunday was nice. We all took dean to the airport and had lunch with him. We were sitting at the little mini-bar thing at the TGI Fridays in national, and had an extra guy at out table. We made friends with him and Sean dealt him into the card game ‘thief’ we have been playing, that was cool. Fun game too.

After Chinese school on Sunday I came home and Kelly was asleep and Sean was still playing video games. I really like having him over, but it was time for some alone time with my wife. So we told him we were gonna go out to dinner. I am pretty sure he knew we had not intention of leaving, but wanted to ask him to leave nicely. He even apologized for over-staying. We like Sean a lot, even when he overstays. Crazy guy.

Chinese class was fun too; there were 4 of us. The other three were teenagers, Pan Hong Gon, Shu Ling jing, Fei Wen Hao and me. They all got yelled at for not practicing, but she said I was exempt from the yelling because I am old and try hard. But they are young and would learn fast if they would try just a little bit more. Heh. I guess the difference is I think it would be really cool if I could speak Chinese and they are being forced to go class. Go figure.

Realization: My Chinese is not nearly good enough to go to China with, I have no oral comprehension. Dean is tall. Train harder, longer and more often ‘ gotta get ready for China.