Big ice storm today. Not nearly as messy as last weeks snow storm ‘ almost everyone has come into work today, unlike last week when it was just me and Kevin with a few managers. That was much more fun than today is looking. Plus I have my performance review with Petek later. I think they will like me just fine, but I always worry I am gonna get yelled at. The last one went great so I expect this one will too. But I will worry a little just in case.

Went to wushu and gymnastics last night. Sword class was fun, Coach fixed a pretty major problem with the end of my section one ‘ after the scales, the little swing around thing. I needa practice it so I can stick it every time, but I can tell it is much better now. Gymnastics was uneventful, I still am only doing roundoff-backhandsprings, but next week I am gonna get Carlos to spot me for the final backtuck on the end. Then maybe I can more onto two handsprings in a row. Once I get that I will be much happier. I need a few big gains there still.

Kelly may be stuck in Richmond tonight. I am not very happy about it, not mad at her or anything silly like that, but rather annoyed at CapitalOne, they are insisting that she stay and go to this Christmas party, so by the time she can get back on the road it will be cold and all the rain will be freezing again. Arg. I hope she gets home safe.

Freezing rain sucks something hairy.