Crazy day. I was actually working very hard and getting quite a bit accomplished until Kim decided to call a meeting with me and Kevin. We spent the last 30 minutes talking about Christmas shopping and our home computers failing. He says I need to get a new motherboard battery for mine and home and it will work. I doubt it, but I will give it a try. I kinda need that computer to work for some audio stuff I wanna do.

Well Jason came up with Kelly last night, and he is staying at our place right now. I think I am skipping wushu tonight so I can hang out with him before his flight to Venezuela in the morning. He is flying out at 7:23 AM. I have my wisdom teeth appointment at 9:00 AM. I can’t eat or drink for 6 hours before that, so it kinda sucks that I need to get up so early that day, instead of sleeping in right up till I needa go be sedated. At least I get the day off, sucks to miss the division Christmas party. Man, so I am only getting a half day off, because tomorrow was gonna be a nice short one.

I met up with tom at the rosslyn metro station. I was gonna go help him get his movie into a format that I can use for the DVD. When I got off the train he said they had CD burners on those computers but no Burner software. Arg. Plus no network connection there ‘ so uploading it to my server was not an option. At least he gave me a ride home, and were able to get some mei guo zhong guo fan. Mmmmm, panda express.

Wushu was pretty good. Crazy small class, I guess it had to do with the ice storm. I stayed after and talked with Stephan about going to china. Looks like he is planning on going in march. He would just skip 2 weeks of school. I don’t’ know if I think that is good devotion or carelessness. Too bad they don’t want to go in Feb. I bought my tickets yester day! Only thing left for me to do is get my visa. The travel agent says to wait till January. So I will. She also called today because the special fair she was giving me ends on Feb. 6th. So my Feb. 8th is gonna be and extra $70. That sucks, but it is still better than the other prices I had found.

Excited about china. I wish Kelly could go with me.