Well the teeth are out. I never swelled up too bad, but I have switched form the almighty Vikadin to Tylenol. There is a pretty consistent pain in my upper right jaw, but I am much better than I was a few days ago. The surgery went pretty well, only took like twenty minutes. Of course I don’t remember anything after they put the Nitrous Oxide nose cup on me. I do remember when they were getting me up, I would only talk in Chinese for some reason. I think it really annoyed Kelly, poor girl. Apparently I also would bark at people as they walked by the door to the operating room I was in. I remember feeling pretty good then. I even did cartwheels when I got home. Those drugs they gave me were pretty fun.

Unfortunately they wore off pretty quick. I didn’t’ sleep much, but I did lots of lying down with ice on my face, If I sat up I would feel nauseous, maybe it was the drugs, or the blood draining down the throat. It was pretty unhappy.

Nikki was came up that Friday night, took her forever, she didn’t leave Adam’s house after she called, so we got really worried an hour and a half later. Kelly left me and Sean at home to go look for her. Then when she finally did leave to come over she got off on Rt 50 off I66 instead of I395. That will screw you up. So she went out past the airport until she called to get directions. Crazy girl.

The next day Nikki and Kelly went to a movie and Sean and I went up to the game store in Rockville. Dream wizards is a pretty cool place, they have quite a bit more non-RPG stuff than most game stores. I got Aimee a Go set for Christmas and picked up a bunch of CheapAss Games for other random presents. After going the wrong way on the beltway and I270 we stopped at Tyson’s I to get Kelly her Christmas present at the jewelry store. Sean and I had a number of interesting discussions about why he didn’t like jewelry stores. I am happy with the gift I got her. I almost gave it to her early last night because I am excited about it.

Chinese school was interesting, in Chinese class we had a substitute teacher. It was almost not worth going to class for that. WE wasted a lot of time talking about Christmas in china. I did get a few good vocabulary things for stuff to say to my kids in wushu. Speaking of my kids on wushu — they are so awesome, they gave me Christmas presents. I didn’t expect that. So did the principal, she gave me a check for $100. Makes me really want to go a good job for them.

Ugh, I feel nauseous, and I really wanna lie down. And it is only 10:30 in the morning. Maybe I will go home early.