Still suffering from side effects from the surgery. I called the doctor’s office yesterday and told htem aobu the pain in the upper right side of my mouth. They made me come it so that Dr. LaBriola could take a look. Turns out it is muscle cramping from my jaw. So painful. So he gave me some new meds. ‘Lodine XL’ Man, I hate taking more drugs ‘ but this stuff worked great for about 8 hours, then the pain was back and in force. It is supposed to last a good 12 hours, but it starts to wear off after about 6, hurts like hell after about 10. I took my first dose yesterday as soon as I got it at about 4:30 or so. I was golden for a while. Even went to sword class. Ate dinner at the Bell no problem. As I was going to bed I was hurting again ’ just not very bad. I was able to go to sleep. Then, at 3 AM I woke up with serious pain. Felt like someone had hit me in the face with an Ax. From the bottom of my jaw to my ear and temple it was a overwhelming pain. I lasted about 30 min trying the heating pad and moaning a lot before I took some more Lidine XL, in about an hour it kicked in and I was sleeping like a baby. Well. Now it is 11 AM, 8 hours after I took it. And the pain is back. I was hoping that it was a drug that would build up in your system, and it would be more potent after a few doses, but it doesn’t seem that way. The suckiest thing is I called the dentist at 10:30 or so and it rang a dozen times and I went directly to hold. So I hung up. Called back at 11 and got the after hours service ‘ they are out to lunch until 1:30. I should be in some mighty good pain by then. Yay!

Some good news is I got the DVD done. Burned 3 copies, and designed and printed out a few covers for the case. Looks pretty good. I went to Best buy and Staples looking for DVD cases, but no luck. So I ordered a pack from Shop4Tech.com ‘ until they get here I am just gonna take some of my DVD’s out of their case and use those.

We are going to dinner with Greg, Sean, Keye, Paulo and Mel so I would like to give them their copies tonight if I can. I need to print out a few more covers before I leave on the nice color laser printer ‘ so far I only have 2.

I am gonna try to do some coding, it is very hard to do when you hurt. Especially an all-consuming pain like this one. I knew I should have jumped out the window on Friday like I wanted to.