Well, I called the Oral Surgeon and he prescribed me a fun new muscle relaxer, Norflex. Not as effective as the Lodine stuff, but I hope it will last longer. I woke up in pain last night after the Lodine wore off, and the Norflex should have still been going strong ‘ but there was a good amount of pain. However it was a little different than the pain I was having the night before/yesterday. Last night the pain was down in the joint of the jaw as opposed to the muscle that run up along my face to the temple. The new pain also kinda wraps around and under my jaw bone ’ and made it difficult to swallow, almost like a sore throat. I think it is all just the muscles that surround that joint and thus it is all the same problem.

The most fun was actually getting the muscle relaxers. I called them yesterday and Dr. LaBriola just said that he would prescribe them to me, so the lady called them into CVS. I got called into a meeting soon after that so I was not able to leave until about 4PM. When I finally got to CVS they said I didn’t have anything called in. So I called the Doctors Office ‘ but Wednesday is their day off so I got an answering service, they paged Dr. Cantor for me. He didn’t know what to do or what Dr. Labriola was trying to do so he wanted me to come in the next morning. And told me to take the Lodine every 8 hours for the pain. So I went and took a Lodine and headed home. Once I was home I got a call from the lady that was supposed to call in my prescription and said that she made a mistake and she called in the correct one. So I call CVS and they say it will be 45 min or so. I run off to pick that up once it is ready. But now I have taken my Lodine at the wrong time and it won’t last through the night. So like clockwork I wake up at 2 AM with lots of fun pain. Ugh.

I think wushu and other training is on hold for now until I get this jaw thing solved. It is really getting old.

Last night we met up with Keye, Greg, Paulo, Melanie, Sean, Glenn and sometimes Tom (he had to leave early). We went to Chevy’s, which was good, but I ate a lot of chips and that worked my jaw quite a bit. I gave out a few copies of the Peking Duck DVD as Christmas presents and I think every one was honestly excited to get them. However that first batch didn’t have Tom’s movie on it, because he just gave me the mpeg2 file at dinner. So I will burn a few more and it will have a surprise on it.

Pain Check: its 11am, the pain is present but not overwhelming yet. Cant take lodine till 2 (if I play by the rules), but I may take it at 12, so I can take it again at 12 tonight to help me sleep. I figure shaving off 2 hours here of there for it won’t do that much harm. I hope.