Well I just noticed that I had mad it a full 12 hours since I took my lodine last. The pain is coming back but not nearly as large or powerful as it was before. I am not on a schedule of taking my drugs that seems to be working. I am getting better. Not good yet, but much better than I was.

Kelly and I had dinner with Jeannie and Danny last night. She is getting her wisdom teeth pulled this morning. Poor girl. And I think they are driving up to NJ on Sunday. I would not have wanted to travel 2 days after I had mine pulled. Esp. because I had to go back in to see the surgeon for these muscle pains.

Kelly has the day off. In fact she has the rest of the year off. So she will come have lunch with me. She will run some errands while I finish up the day and they we will go see a movie. (The Two Towers! Yay!) She even dropped me off at the metro this morning so she can take me home at the end of the day.

Definitely not going to wushu tonight, maybe I will try for Saturday if I feel up for it. With my current drug schedule that may work out pretty well, 2 hours after I take the lodine I should be able to go to class with no pain. Might be a good idea to wait till next week but I am gonna try to go.